Gordan Nikolitch

Manchester Camerata Principal Guest Director

The acclaimed and charismatic new Principal Guest Director of Manchester Camerata.

Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra, Gordan Nikolitch is an internationally renowned and truly awe inspiring violinist, drawing both musicians and audiences alike to his hypnotic performances.

His infectious enthusiasm is reflected not only in the magnificent sound he makes but in his energetically physical performance.

The Sunday Times recently described his performance of Stravinsky’s Piano Concerto in D as:
"…conducting, playing and dancing around the podium like a multitasking performing giraffe – delightful to watch as well as to listen to".

Down to earth and sociable, there have been reports of Gordan spontaneously performing traditional folk music in the small hours of the morning at Eastern European restaurants around Manchester, so keep an eye out for him after his gigs with Manchester Camerata.

Gordan’s highly distinguished career has seen him win an array of international prizes including the Tibor Varga, Niccolo Paganini, Città di Brescia. His CV is equally impressive. In 1990 he was appointed Leader of the Chamber Orchestra of the Auvergne, he appeared frequently with this orchestra as a soloist and as a conductor. In 1997 Gordan Nikolitch was appointed Leader of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, relinquishing this post in 1998 to become Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1999 he also became Leader of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

Gordan combines supreme talent and charisma without any pretension. Watching him play promises a uniquely exciting and accessible experience of classical masterpieces. He joins the Camerata for a more intimate performance of some emotional and exuberant music.